Our Pack Leaders: Gary and Marilyn Walter


Gary and Marilyn Walter joined the Central Bark Doggy Day Care pack in 2016, adding to the state of Florida franchises.  This doggy day care provides the means for Gary and Marilyn to extend their dog family without adopting more dogs or at least adopting them only during business hours.

Gary has had dogs his entire life and has always been a pet lover. One of his friends recently gave the ASPCA a reference where he stated he wants to come back as a dog under Gary and Marilyn’s care.  Gary was always been an entrepreneur.  He has owned his own software company and consulting firms.  He most recently became a franchise broker. Once becoming more familiar with the Central Bark concept he could not resist the opportunity to become part of the Central Bark family.

Marilyn has always been a dog lover and is the family member most likely to adopt a stray. Marilyn is currently the resident artist for Hacklab in Boynton Beach, FL.  Marilyn is also an art teacher and spent her formulative years growing up in Kuwait and Iran