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Congrats Dax

June 1, 2018 :: Posted by westpalmbeach

Congratulations Dax!   Dax is a 6 month old Boston Terrier who we affectionately call the energizer bunny.  As soon as Dax arrives the level of play in his playgroup goes up exponentially.   Dax first came to us when he was 3 months old and we all were looking at an old picture and cannot believe […]

Congrats Golly!!

May 1, 2018 :: Posted by westpalmbeach

Congratulations Golly.  Golly is a 9 month old Morkie that has been gracing us with his presence since February of this year.  He can’t wait to get out with the puppy crowd and play all day.  A must for all staff, required in training, is the official Golly belly rub – see picture.  Golly is […]

Congrats, Toby

April 2, 2018 :: Posted by westpalmbeach

Congratulations Toby!  Toby is a 16 month old Plot Hound that has been one of our first regulars since we opened in December.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Toby comes charging in and rushes to join his crew.  He is the instigator of play with anyone who comes into his playgroup.  His best buddies include […]

Dog Lost In Mountains Rescued By Courageous Hikers

September 30, 2017 :: Posted by meagan

After one month of scraping by among the unforgiving terrain of Colorado’s Mount Bross, Chloe is overjoyed to be back in the warm embrace of her family. According to The Denver Post, Larry Osborne’s 14-year-old Lab/pit bull mix went missing in the small town of Alma, Colorado, on Mount Bross. The peak is one of Colorado’s […]

Rescue Dog Searches For Mexico Earthquake Victims

September 24, 2017 :: Posted by meagan

Having already save 52 lives during her career, Frida is plunging back into the rubble to find more people. The six-year-old labrador has been deployed at disasters across Central and North America, participating in rescue missions in Haiti, Ecuador and Honduras. Her bravery and resourcefulness has even earned the praise of Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena […]